“As a committee member I had the pleasure of working with Espe Kelly during the design and construction of the capital improvements project at St. Thomas Episcopal Church and School. The project, which included a new sports field, perimeter walls and fencing, was long awaited due to the difficult negotiations with the neighbors and the City of Coral Gables. As project manager, Espe understood the urgency to get this project built as quickly as possible and worked tirelessly to make it happen. From design to permitting to construction she was always available and happy to do what ever was needed to move the project forward.


As with any project run by a committee made up of individuals with different ideas, there were times where consensus needed to be reached. Espe was able to take all the different ideas and somehow put it all together so that a consensus was reached. She quickly put the committee at ease that the project would be completed on time and within budget.


In the end her construction experience and working relationship with the general and landscape contractor ended up being her biggest asset. She worked so closely with them that any issue that arose was resolved almost instantaneously. This kept the project on schedule, which was critical because it needed to be done before the school year started. It was a long process but Espe was always courteous and professional and it was fun having her as part of the team.


I look forward to working with Espe again, and I would heartily recommend Espe to anybody who need expert landscape assistance.”


Chris Cobb, President

Cobbestone Real Estate Enterprises




​“I have worked with Espe Kelly for the last 18 years on many projects. What I love about her is her willingness to work through anything that may come up on a project during design or construction. She understands construction and can make adjustments quickly while maintaining the design intent in tact.
Her approach to construction has always been to meet with the landscape contractor early on in the project and discuss her expectations. Her standards are high and she is tough but extremely fair. During the construction process Espe will meet with the landscape contractor to tag trees, layout the plant material or anything else that is required to ensure the project runs smoothly. This hands on approach to construction has proven to be an asset on projects with very tight deadlines.
One thing I know is that Espe likes very small punch lists so she will do what ever it takes to make sure of that.”


Bill Ellis, Vice President

Pirtle Construction Company

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