Our Approach

“No Man Is an Island” is an expression emphasizing a person's connections to his or her surroundings. 


This expression holds true at ESK Design, Inc.  We believe in a collaborative hands on approach to design and construction in which we work as a team at each step of the way.  Whether we are working on a residential project or a large-scale institutional or commercial project, we are in constant contact with all parties involved dispersing information, discussing options or sharing ideas.  The connection with the parties involved is crucial for a successful project.  The constant connection begins at inception and continues throughout until well after the project has been handed over to the owner.



At ESK Design, we excel at transforming visions into reality.  Espe Suarez Kelly has over 25 years of experience in documentation and construction administration.  She knows what it takes to get a project built.  Over the years she has formed excellent working relationships with local contractors and is well respected in the community for her hands on approach to construction.  Ms. Kelly believes that good design can be destroyed by poor implementation just as bad design can be enhanced by good implementation.  This belief has her at jobsites during construction on a regular basis making adjustments as the need arises.



The combination of a collaborative approach during design and the hands on involvement during construction guarantees exceptional results for any project.


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