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Pirtle Office Building*

Davie, Florida


Pirtle Office Building is a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver certified building.  Water consumption was reduced 50% through the use of native drought tolerant plantings and the establishment of Bahia sod.  The irrigation for the Bahia sod, which is a very drought tolerant South Florida sod, was zoned separately, allowing these zones to be shut off permanently after the sod was established. The native plantings also fit in well to the surroundings and enhance the outdoor spaces providing shade and green areas for its occupants.


* Completed in 2005 while at Curtis + Rogers.  Espe Suarez Kelly was the project leader responsible for the job from final documentation through execution.


Bayfront Park Baywalk Improvements*

Miami, Florida


The baywalk runs along the edge of Biscayne Bay, throughout the park, and continues to Bayside Marketplace.  The improvements included cutting out some of the pavement to make room for a row of large oak trees, which now provide much needed shade.  Palms, benches, removable chairs, bike racks, trash containers, and pavers were also installed along the baywalk facing Biscayne Bay so people can now enjoy the view and the shade provided by the oak trees.  The improvements were intended to soften the edges of the park and create a more pedestrian friendly environment.


“Oaks and palms by the dozen have been planted along the full length of the 32-acre park’s edge on Biscayne Bay, bringing instant shade to its broad baywalk and completing a gradual makeover designed to make it a far more inviting place.” – The Miami Herald


* Completed in 2012 while at Curtis + Rogers.  Espe Suarez Kelly was the project leader responsible for the job from documentation through execution.

Palmetto Mini Golf Course*

Palmetto Bay, Florida


The golf course manager’s vision for the Palmetto Mini Golf Course was to create a realistic golf experience through miniature golf in order to introduce families and individuals to the game of golf.  The course was strategically placed and designed in a tropical paradise with views into the golf course so that players could observe the golf game while playing miniature golf. 


The main challenge for this project was budget.  As project manager for Curtis + Rogers Espe Kelly worked closely with the client and the contractor to minimize cost so that the tropical paradise could be created.  Espe reached out to local nurseries and was able to accept donated palms to achieve the canopy required.  The shrubs and groundcovers were purchased through county contracts and then planted by volunteers.  Espe provided on site supervision during the installation to ensure the plants were laid out and planted correctly.


* Completed in 2008 while at Curtis + Rogers.  Espe Suarez Kelly was the project leader responsible for the job from concept through execution.

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